Providing optimum health using therapeutic liquid herbs

This system is one of classical herbal medicine, treating each horse holistically to return balance and harmony to its body. It’s all about treating each horse as an individual and stimulating its own powerful healing abilities.

Many of our modern pharmaceutical drugs come from isolating the unique compounds found in herbs. The difference when using a herb is that you get no potentially nasty side effects of single drugs and all the benefits of combining all the effective compounds held in the whole plant.

As a qualified practitioner, I can prescribe high potency practitioner only herbal extracts. These are liquid extract forms of the herbs of human medicinal quality, with guaranteed provenance, that are quickly absorbed into the blood stream without having to go through the digestive system.

I prescribe the most effective specific herbs, which work together, to treat each individual disease, illness and injury.

Dosage methods are non-invasive, as they’re offered orally and quickly accepted by horses.

As well as being a more powerful form of herbal treatment, liquid herbal extracts have a longer shelf life (around four years) than dried herbs (around two years).

Herbal treatments typically last for one to three months. For some conditions that need to be managed rather than healed, like osteoarthritis, treatment is ongoing.

Herbal extract dosages are usually a very small amount of 5-10 ml per dose, and most horses get used to their herbal treatment quickly.