Hi there, as we move from wet and muddy in NZ very quickly into hard and dry ground; with grass growth going from none to green and lush and back to brown again, we need to take extra care to support our horse’s immune systems.
I will discuss a few of my ‘go to’, must have feedstuffs that I recommend for horses in the next few posts.

These are natural feeds and supplements that contain minerals, vitamins and ingredients that are more bioavailable to the horse than many processed synthetic feeds.
I believe that the use of natural health philosophies, such as feeding natural feedstuffs and herbs, in the long term can help our horses resist disease and in addition provide nutritional and immunological support that pharmaceuticals lack. The goal is prevention as well as cure!

Let’s start with my favorite = Rosehips
An awesome powerhouse that contains Vitamin C (it is the highest natural source of up to 2,000 mg per 100 gram), Vitamins: A, D, E (total vitamins 14), Biotin, Minerals: iron, copper, cobalt, calcium, silica (total minerals 18), carotene, flavonoids, pectin, tannin, fruit acids.

This beauty is a powerful anti-oxidant, with considerable protective and restorative powers due to its vitamins and minerals.
Its properties make it useful as
• Capillary stimulant,
• immune protectant,
• blood flow and tissue damage restorative,
• growth stimulant,

It is great for growth of hooves after laminitis attacks, used for horses with arthritis, or after respiratory infections. Also for rehabilitation after injury and disease, where high doses of vitamin C may be required.

I use rosehips as a daily staple in my horses’ diets to retain good health, excellent hoof condition and help fight infections.

Get your horse Rosehips today!
I use whom only source reputable growers and suppliers.