Individual diets formulated by an equine nutritionist using powerful natural ingredients

Your horse’s genetic evolution has produced a metabolism that thrives on high fibre forage based diets with careful nutrient ratios.

Does your horse suffer from problems like over excitability, skin reactions, bad hooves, scours and gut problems, laminitis?

Many processed horse feed come with cheap fillers, added sugar and minerals which can upset your horses gut microbes. Many horses may find it difficult to metabolise these which leads to health issues.

The well balanced diet by a nutritionist will provide a feed system that is very carefully designed to provide the essential nutrients your horse needs for energy, growth, body maintenance and repair.

This will provide your horse’s body with preventative nutrition that comes with a beneficial diet as well as herbal remedies to treat illness and injury.

DL Equine diets provide optimum health for your horse via a feed system carefully designed to deliver all the essential nutrients your horse needs. Each diet is carefully personalised for the individual horse, taking into account living and work conditions, pasture, weight and condition score.

You’ll receive a report outlining everything you need to do to put your horse on the fast-track to optimum health.

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