Nutrition Essentials On Line Course

Helping you increase your horse's health by empowering you with knowldge. 


Imagine how it would feel to know exactly what to feed your horse!
Imagine the satisfaction of saving $ on feeds & supplements you now know they dont need!

 Nutrition Knowledge

Practical, accessible knowledge to improve horse health & maintain it throughout changing seasons.

 Feed & Supplement Knowledge

Ability to determine what feeds & supplements contain and how (if) they work!

 Theory & Practical Learning

Theory combined with practical real 'in the paddock' learning.


My mission is to empower all horse owners with confidence & clarity when it comes to feeding!
I will give you the knowledge & tools to; use nutrition to prevent & overcome issues with bad hooves, pasture changes, gut issues and soo much MORE!

If you want to know what feeds are the best for your indiviudal horse, how to read a feed label and clarify the myths surrounding feeds and supplements.

If you want to stop wasting your hard earned $ on the wrong feeds & supplements!  

βœ”Then this course is for you!

This 4 module, self paced video course removes the guesswork & confusion around feeding your horse!

Information covered includes:
πŸ“The horses gut - how it works, why its crucial for a horses immune system.
πŸ“Required nutrients
πŸ“How to correctly read a feed label
πŸ“Pasture - identification, health, issues & why
πŸ“Horse health issues - nutrition prevention & solutions
πŸ¦„Your indiviudal horse diet!

 Gain confidence with real knowledge & remove the guesswork.
 Learn how to eliminate unnecessary supplements and save more $
 Science based yet taught with the real world in mind!
 Expert instruction from a qualified Equine Nutritionist + Adult Trainer.
 An included Bonus is to work with DL Equine Nutrition on your horses individual feeding programme!

Let me teach you how to feed correctly becasue these things should not be a secret!

Happy course graduates

Red Barn Supply. Co

Horse feed

The best course, that has helped me make such good decisions on feed. It's a must for all horsey owners. I feel so much more informed around anatomy and horse feed requirements down to supplements that I thought my horse needed turns out they didn't πŸ˜… love knowing your doing right by feeding your horse and their gut correctly therefore not getting a whole lot of other issues is priceless! Healthy gut healthy horse!

I feel a LOT more confident selecting feeds, and Im actually SAVING money but getting reat results! 

N Milner

Vet Nurse


Horse owner/ rider

I love that its about PREVENTATIVE care!

Dale is great to talk to throughout the course, is full of knowledge that has helped me so much with my horses! 


Horse owner


YOu will regain your investment

What Are You Waiting For? 

😩Do you get a headache wondering what to feed your horse?
😬Are you tired of wasting $ on supplements?
😊Then join the nutrition essentials on line course for the answers!


On line

Go at your own pace in your own time.  Access by computer or ph.

Modules cover:

  1. The Equine Gut - anatomy & physiology
  2. Nutrients & requirements
  3. How to read a feed lable
  4. Pasture - Identification & helath issues
  5. Health Issues & Nutrition Solutions

Taught by Qualified Adult Trainer

I am an NZQA qualified adult trainer with a pssion for teaching horse owners!

Training is straightforward & designed for any level of horse owner.

Bonus Nutrition Programme

As a bonus an you will work with me to develop your own horses individual nutrition programme!

Theory Based on Equine Reseach

This course is based on actual proven equine nutrition research.

Feeding myths will be busted and research links and reading supplied.

You will have access to unique videos and nutrition documents for reference.

Individual Sessions

You will not be abondoned once you enrol!
I will be with you for a one on one session for each module to discuss and further your knowledge on each subject.


Every module contains both theory AND practical exercises.
This course will give you the tools to take to the paddock and implement on a daily basis for improved horse health and prevention of health issues.

You will learn how to feed correctly based off body condition score, weight, pasture & performance goals.