Meet Dale Logan

Your Partner in Horse Health

Post Graduate Certificate Advanced Equine Nutrition

Post Graduate Diploma in Equine Nutrition

Bsc Animal Physiology

Certificate of Equine Herbal Medicine

Certificate in NZ Animal Welfare Legislation 

NZQA Certificate in Adult Learning and Development of Training

Hello, I’m Dale Logan, welcome to DL Equine Nutrition where I provide both - independent horse nutrition services tailored specifically to the individual needs of your horse and nutrition education courses.

Selecting the right feeds and supplements for your horse can be confusing.

The market is saturated with products all claiming to be the right solution for your horse. You can spend hours researching possibilities giving yourself a headache and getting no closer to a solution.

If you do make a decision you are often left wondering whether it was the right one.


Why being an 'Independent' Equine Nutritionist is important to optimising your horses Nutrition Programme

Instead of having one brand range to choose from - I have them all. That way I don't recommend what would just 'do the job', I recommend what will optimally satisfy your horses nutritional requirements. 

Take me to the feed store with you! It’s one of my favorite places
Seriously, I often go in person or virtually with my clients to the feed shop, I can tell you what feed or supplement will deliver what YOUR horse needs! I won’t let you waste your hard-earned $$, I will give you clarity about what you are buying.

Real World Advice backed by Up to Date Research

Cut Past Glossy Product Images

I aim to help people like you cut past the glossy product images and provide you with clarity about feeding horses. I want to provide the best possible advice in the simplest form that people can apply immediately.

Peace of Mind from Wise Spending

My purpose is to help you achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are spending your feed dollars wisely and that your horse’s diet is optimal for his needs.

Comprehensive Listening First 

I take the time to listen and gather comprehensive information about your horse and in combination with my professional, academic and practical nutrition expertise I offer individualized advice that is right for you.

12 Years of University Education

Work with horse feed companies + international clients

As a fellow horse owner, I have been in the same situations as most of us here in NZ. I too have had horses with health issues such as metabolic problems, laminitis, and colic.
I've felt that devastating helplessness that comes with watching your beloved horse suffer and just knowing that there must be solutions to prevent these issues rather than relying on vet medicine as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff scenario!

This is why I sought more education and knowledge of horse nutrition, and why I want to share it with you. My equestrian passion has guided me through 12 + years of university education where I qualified BSc, in the areas of Mammalian Physiology at Massey University and then my Post Graduate Diploma including equine nutrition. 

I then went on to gain multiple further teritary qualifications including:  Equine Nutrition Advanced at University of Guelph and also qualifiying with the Certificate in Animal Welare Legislation in NZ.

Further, I am qualified as an Equine Herbalist and NZQA Cert in Adult Learning & Training Development.

I have experience working as a nutritionist for horse feed companies formulating feeds, and also have experience developing equine supplements.

My recommendations and training courses are specific, founded in solid scientific principles, and practical to implement.

Many of the services I offer come with continued support for guidance and reviews.

Conscious that today’s horse owner perceives complete horse health to involve overall holistic management led me to gain expert qualifications and knowledge in the area of Herbal Nutrition and Medicine for Horses. I am certified in Herbal Medicine for Horses with the National College of Traditional Medicine (Australia). From there I went on to further study with renowned Australian Equine Herbalists. 

I am the only person in New Zealand to qualify as a practitioner in Equine Herbal Medicine and am accredited with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

remove the guesswork

My Comprehensive Consultation Questionnaire helps take the guesswork out of feeding your horse

An effective diet is an art and a science - let me help you support your horses well-being from inside out

Kind Words from Happy Clients

Diets & Respiratory Allergy Treatment work!

Jane Pike

Health Improvements and Money Savings!

here is what a few clients say about their DL Equine nutrition programmes:

"No more weekly trips to the feed store! My feed bill is half of what I use to spend, highly recommended getting a nutrition plan from Dale.'

"We started our formulated diet plan in January, at that time my mare had been utilising an inhaler to help with her breathing. Since that point we have not required any medical intervention to manage her heaves and her breathing is normal, she is also being ridden again regularly with no issues."

"Both our horses are now on nutrition plans & are a picture of health with shiny coats & happy, calm demeanour. "

"I really appreciate the advice Dale gave to me for my little asthmatic friend, Bramble. After adopting Dale's feed plan I saw huge improvement in Bramble's symptoms."

"Dale's diet was really easy and straight forward, and included some sensible, easily available supplements that have proven to improve respiratory symptoms."

"has been a god send in getting him happy again and making sure he is getting the right feed and supplements to support him. Ive loved how thorough she is in creating a plan specific to him and regularly following up to see how we are going."

"I'm over the moon to be back on track again with a happy horse and knowing I'm not wasting my money on all the wrong things with no improvements."

Jenine 2022

Amzing Transformation from Gut Ulcers

Dale's help has been invaluable, she's helped me while my horse was receiving ulcer treatment and with bringing my horse back to full health again after a recent infection.

Dale tailors a nutrition programme specifically for your horse, is happy to answer any questions you have and her support along the way has been greatly appreciated.

I highly recommend her!"

Ellie O’brien

Finesse Equestrian 2020

Mineral Imbalances - Dale has been a god send

I was devastated seeing my wee pony go from cruisey and carrying my daughter around at a show to a anxious mess within a week. He progressively got worse and I couldn’t figure out what it was… Until we realized it was an imbalance in his nutrition and contacted Dale Logan from DL Equine who has been a god send in getting him happy again and making sure he is getting the right feed and supplements to support him.

I’ve loved how thorough she is in creating a plan specific to him and regularly following up to see how we are going.

I’m over the moon to be back on track again with a happy horse and knowing I’m not wasting my money on all the wrong things with no improvements.

B McClunie

Dec 2022

Free Fecal Water & Repsiratory Allergies 

A nutrition programme for Hopalong has resulted in a different horse health wise, competley respiratory allergy free, no steroids needed and he looks a million dollars!

B Mclunie writes - "It has been a tough year for my horse health wise and I was trying many many many different products in the hopes of helping him get better. Not to mention the stress of not knowing how to best help him. After following Dale's Facebook page for a while, I finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up for a nutrition program with her. It was the best decision I have made for my horse, and I wish I had done it sooner.

Dale was very easy to work with, answering all my questions and came up with a straightforward, cost effective feeding plan to help my horse recover from the inside out.As soon as I got my nutrition program from Dale, it took all the stress and worry away about whether my horse was getting the right nutrition, and I finally felt I was actually helping him.

Thank you so much Dale, he has never looked better ."



Estelle Warner


Gut Ulcer Repair 

I had had my horse for 6 months when he had to be taken off grass in April as his behaviour changed. Yes, grass affected, but unfortunately, despite being fed hay, he dropped a lot of weight.

He had been anxious since the day he was dropped off to me and I found he had severe separation anxiety, not the ‘easy’ horse I thought I had signed up for. None of this helped with weight gain.

I tried feeding him up all winter, but despite having plenty of energy, he really was just a bag of bones.

In November/ early December I was lucky enough to have Dale analyse his diet and when she sent through recommendations, I was determined to give it a go. Only a couple of his feeds were changed, but she tweaked his supplements and changed the brands. What a difference it made! Within 1 month he had noticeably put on weight.

Now 2 months later he looks amazing.

No more ribs, no bony bum, no skinny neck, lovely dapples, really chilled; he’s even been jokingly called fat! And I have had lots of really positive comments of how good he looks and what did I do differently – DL Equine has been mentioned every time.