Independent horse nutrition services tailored specifically to the individual needs of your horse.

Hello, I’m Dale Logan, welcome to Dl Equine Nutrition where I provide independent horse nutrition services tailored specifically to the individual needs of your horse.

Selecting the right feeds and supplements for your horse can be confusing.
The market is saturated with products all claiming to be the right solution for your horse. You can spend hours researching possibilities giving yourself a headache and getting no closer to a solution. If you do make a decision you are often left wondering whether it was the right one.

Recieve real world advice backed by up to date research

I aim to help people like you cut past the glossy product images and provide you with clarity about feeding horses. I want to provide the best possible advice in the simplest form that people can apply immediately.

My purpose is to help you achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are spending your feed dollars wisely and that your horseā€™s diet is optimal for his needs.

I take the time to listen and gather comprehensive information about your horse and in combination with my professional, academic and practical nutrition expertise I offer individualized advice that is right for you.

Take me to the feed store with you! It’s one of my favorite places šŸ™‚

Seriously, I often go in person or virtually with my clients to the feed shop, I can tell you what feed or supplement will deliver what YOUR horse needs! I won’t let you waste your hard-earned $$, I will give you clarity about what you are buying.


As a fellow horse owner, I have been in the same situations as most of us here in NZ. I too have had horses with health issues such as metabolic problems, laminitis, and colic.
I too have felt that devastating helplessness that comes with watching your beloved horse suffer and just knowing that there must be solutions to prevent these issues rather than ringing the vet in the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff scenario!

This is why I sought more education and knowledge of horse nutrition, and why I want to share it with you. My equestrian passion has guided me through 12 + years of university education where I qualified in the areas of equine nutrition and herbal medicine.
I completed my initial science degree at Massey University and my Post Graduate Diploma. I then went on to gain multiple further qualifications in Animal Nutrition and Welfare, particularly in horses. I have experience working as a nutritionist for horse feed companies formulating equine feeds, and also have experience developing equine supplements.

Conscious that today’s horse owner perceives complete horse health to involve overall holistic management led me to gain expert qualifications and knowledge in the area of Herbal Nutrition and Medicine for Horses. I am certified in Herbal Medicine for Horses with the National College of Traditional Medicine (Australia).

From there I went on to further study with renowned Australian Equine Herbalists and am the only person in New Zealand to qualify as a practitioner in Equine Herbal Medicine and am accredited with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

My recommendations are specific, founded in solid scientific principles, and practical to implement. Many of the services I offer come with continued support for guidance and reviews.

Clients and results

Clients tell me that my nutrition solutions are easy to understand and implement, providing them with preventative nutrition for their horses, optimum health, and superior results!

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Dale Logan

BSc, Post Grad Dip, Equine Nutrition, Cert Equine Herbal Medicine, Cert in NZ Animal Welfare Legislation