The DL Equine Nutrition Difference

Optimum nutrition leads to healthier horses and stronger performances, with less issues and fewer vet bills. The results speak for themselves. Enhanced muscle tone, beautiful coats, and calmer temperaments.

Diets and Respiratory Allergy Treatment Testimonial


Diet Formulation for Dressage Competitor 

I would just like to thank Dale for helping us create a diet especially for our new horse Monty. We purchased him 6 months ago and we are so pleased with how he is going, he is calm, loving his work, his feet have improved and he looks a million dollars.

Thanks Dale #horsenutritionherbs 

Kim Batley and her daughter at the Taupo Dressage Championship 2019

Mare Hormonal Issues

Do you have a mare continually in season? Difficult to control? Are you at your wits end? Fear not, there is hope and I can help.

Read all about Christina’s journey and success with her mare below.

My journey so far with Misty has had many highs and lows. I bought her against nearly everyone’s advice and many times I wished I hadn’t.
She was everything I said I would never buy. A young Arab Warm blood. A mare. Young and green as grass. Her flight instinct was strong.

She had no focus and was concerned about everything going on around her. Not exactly what I wanted for dressage.
She would show stallion tendencies. Neck arching roaring grunting pawing striking and kicking out the back at her worst. It seemed she was in season all the time.

I tried herbal sedatives and anxiety herbs chaste berry liquid and dried. Too many to mention. She had homeopath remedies We had minimal success.

Riding her became dangerous at times. She would just spin and put me on the ground. And yet I had glimpses of what she could be and that’s what kept me trying.

I gave Dale Logan a ring to see if she could help. Dale changed her diet and made a herbal remedy up for Misty’s hormones and she was on them for 3 months.
After 2 weeks I noticed she was calmer and then week by week she just got better.
By the 12th week I had fallen in love with Misty who was trying her heart out to please.
It’s now 5 months later and there has been no relapse.

Dale was supportive through the whole process and always answered my calls texts and emails.
Misty is still nosey and wants to know whose doing what and where but she is now able to focus when I ride her.

Christina 2018

Liquid herbs given by syringe

What? you expect me to use a syringe and get a liquid into my horses mouth?! No way, my horse is a nightmare to worm, my horse wont take anything like a syringe into its mouth. My horse hates me putting stuff into his mouth.

My horse will not let me near her with a syringe, My horse is a clever one and soo fussy he wouldn’t eat those herbs!’

Sound like you or your friend and their horse? I’ve heard them all believe me.

Liquid herbs across the tongue get absorbed fast into the bloodstream and straight to work. Why on earth would you waste more horse money on dry herbs that have way less efficiency??

You don’t have to believe what I’m telling you. Watch the videos below.

One a sensitive warmblood mare, owned by Jane Pike , 1 whole week into her herbal prescription.

Video by Jane Pike of Confident Rider

The other video in the video section is a super smart Arab who for most of her life wouldn’t let her owner safely worm her with a syringe.

Horses have an innate instinct for knowing whats good for them and they know when they need herbs, they are after all ‘Herbivores’

Mineral Imbalances

I was devastated seeing my wee pony go from cruisey and carrying my daughter around at a show to a anxious mess within a week. He progressively got worse and I couldn’t figure out what it was… Until we realized it was an imbalance in his nutrition and contacted Dale Logan from DL Equine who has been a god send in getting him happy again and making sure he is getting the right feed and supplements to support him.

I’ve loved how thorough she is in creating a plan specific to him and regularly following up to see how we are going.

I’m over the moon to be back on track again with a happy horse and knowing I’m not wasting my money on all the wrong things with no improvements.

Ellie O’brien – Finesse Equestrian 2020

Gut Ulcer Repair 

Before                                               After

I had had my horse for 6 months when he had to be taken off grass in April as his behaviour changed. Yes, grass affected, but unfortunately, despite being fed hay, he dropped a lot of weight.

He had been anxious since the day he was dropped off to me and I found he had severe separation anxiety, not the ‘easy’ horse I thought I had signed up for. None of this helped with weight gain.

I tried feeding him up all winter, but despite having plenty of energy, he really was just a bag of bones.

In November/ early December I was lucky enough to have Dale analyse his diet and when she sent through recommendations, I was determined to give it a go. Only a couple of his feeds were changed, but she tweaked his supplements and changed the brands. What a difference it made! Within 1 month he had noticeably put on weight.

Now 2 months later he looks amazing.

No more ribs, no bony bum, no skinny neck, lovely dapples, really chilled; he’s even been jokingly called fat! And I have had lots of really positive comments of how good he looks and what did I do differently – DL Equine has been mentioned every time.

Estelle Warner 2019

Before and after testimonial for getting your horse with gastric ulcers on a vital nutrition diet formulated by DL Equine.

Ellie O’brien – Finesse Equestrian 2020

Here is a little snippet about Cairo’s rehabilitation.
2 pictures attached. The first is from April 2018 and the other is Cairo looking great on 22nd October 2018.

My horse, Cairo, had been losing condition and no amount of feeding seemed to be keeping him at a sufficient weight. He was leaving food in his bucket and showing signs of irritation when touched under his belly.I had him scoped for ulcers and found that he had a severe case.

Cairo went on medication for ulcers and I also enlisted the help of Dale for advice on maintaining his diet and health post medication.
She recommended a feeding plan and herbs specifically for his case.

Over the winter, when his condition usually drops the most, he regained condition.

I am so happy to have a healthy horse again and to have learned so much about nutrition from Dale, who has been supportive and extremely helpful. I highly recommend her products and services.

Belinda Rodriguez
Waimauku Vaulting Club Manager 2019

Skin Allergies

My horse was starting with hive like bumps then extending into huge welts. The skin then changed and started to show signs typical to that of bacterial rain scald causing scabs.

Later the coat was dull scurfy and brittle with patches of no hair growth.

He was going through a major itching issue during this period. Literally at my wits end checking feed, grasses, hay, tree pollen, etc. I tried everything, to the extent my vets were ready to get him on a trial with a Skin Specialist from the USA visiting here in New Zealand.

Speaking with Dale and after going through a detailed assessment she came up with a special feed program and an individual prescription of liquid herbs.

Dale was professional and support and supportive throughout. His coat has come back with coverage, depth of colour, healthy shine and most important the itching has stopped.

Many thanks to Dale for introducing me to Equine Herbal Medicine.

R Williams – Auckland, New Zealand 2018

Vital Nutrition Diets

I started my two horses Ruby (station bred xTb ) & Quiver (Tb) on Dale’s recommended diet 5 months ago & have noticed a significant difference in their overall  condition & improvement in their hoof health, Quiver had very fragile hooves but they have become significantly stronger over the past 5 months.

Quiver is difficult to keep weight on but with this diet I have managed to keep her at a steady healthy weight. I have also been using Dale’s herbal prescriptions for pain management when Ruby tore a piece of muscle from her cheek bone, foot access pain in Quiver, & helping with behavior modification as Quiver suffers from separation anxiety.

I would highly recommended using Dale’s expertise in equine dietary needs & herbal health.

Kirsty Ansell – Working Equitation, Auckland, New Zealand 2017

I was keen to get some proper nutritional advice for my 12 year old Clydie cross gelding who I had owned for 7 years.  As he is the type to “run off the smell of an oily rag” I had never really paid too much attention to any particular feeding regime.  However some key issues I wanted to improve upon were his coat condition and some extra energy in the “impulsion” department.

Dale was extremely thorough in her assessment of him and offered really sound nutritional advice.  I’m happy to report his coat improved dramatically – one friend actually thought I had bought a new horse as his coat had gone so dark and glossy.

Energy levels had increased so that I have been getting really pleasing comments and marks in our Level 3 dressage tests. Sadly at one point I did stray away from the diet plan (no proper excuses other than busy with work and holiday plans) and there was an immediate difference in his behavior and coat condition.

Big thank you to Dale for her food plan and I highly recommend her services.

 Amanda T Winstanley, CEqDT Certified Equine Dental Technician 2017


I own an ex endurance Arab who has also been a broodmare and is now retired at the age of 22. The feed that DL Equine has recommended is balanced good feed and nutrition providing herbal health with arthritis and general overall health improvement.

Since Jasmine has been on the feed recommendation and arthritis herbal mixture she has gone from being a sour mare who I had to catch to apply the syringe of herbal mixture (she hates anything being syringed in her mouth and worming was a nightmare), to actually opening her mouth and grabbing for the syringe without having to catch her at all.

She appears brighter and happier all round and is moving quite freely despite her age.

I highly recommend anybody who is wanting to get the best out of their equine friend to try the products and recommendations of feed by Dale.

Debbie Quick – Auckland , New Zealand 2020